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In order to teach, you first must reach!

Rashard Dobbins

Executive Director

Rashard has more than ten years of experience working in the entertainment industry as a performer and production professional. He has had worked on projects such as The Walking Dead, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, All Eyez On Me, and The Internship. He has also served as a liaison for a leading talent agency that specializes in cultivating talented youth. Some of his highlights include being a Class Two Fellow of the WKKF Community Leadership Network with the Center for Creative Leadership, Leadership Deli Spring 2020 Cohort Participant, and panelist for various youth organizations. 


  • B.A. in Film and Video

  • A.A. in Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

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Dice Suzuki
Podcast, MC, and Performance

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Jenna Charko

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Daniel Vitale
Game Design

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Kyle Surufka
Music Production

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Mia Woods
Music Production

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Tasya Rifalia
Music Production

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Song Writing

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