Imagine the Possibilities

Discover what it looks and feels like to be a Class Act Kid.


Aspiring composers are fully immersed in the compelling world of music, where they acquire intermediate and fundamental components of music theory, beat-making, and modern sound recording practices. Scholars are challenged to learn, create, publish, and perform original content, and to utilize techniques and skills they learn on state of the art technology. Dedicated students increase their command of speaking, listening, writing, reading, and public speaking by the end of the course. Scholars explore song composition, poetry, figurative language, and other literary elements that translate outside the studio setting, and into the real world.


Leap into the world of movement and dance! Performers are placed at the center of their learning and given the agency to become stakeholders in their education, and to make decisions that will affect mastery. Students develop socially, emotionally, and artistically through team collaboration projects, created lead by the students. Dancers are held accountable for producing their very own show and allowed to coordinate costumes, makeup, sponsorships, music, and more. Scholars will exercise their voice, choice, agency, and discover the importance of self-control, action, space, timing, and energy.

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Youth Development

Youth Development skills are sprinkled throughout all workshops, events, and interactions with scholars. This core area inspires and supports students to transition boldly beyond the classroom and into adulthood. Each activity is handcrafted and designed to develop a dynamic space where scholars gain insight into potential career pathways and gain confidence through engaging projects and contemporary workshops.